Alan Hovhaness
Symphony No. 48 'Vision of Andromeda'
Prelude and Quadrupole Fugue, Soprano Saxophone Concerto

Greg Banaszak, Soprano Saxophone
Eastern Music Festival Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz

  Bird with Strings
Charlie Parker Revisited

"Greg Banaszak plays like an Angel. Very clear and optimistic and quite beautiful!"
— Phil Woods, August 2016.

SOI Chamber Orchestra
Piotr Borkowski, conductor
Greg Banaszak, saxophone


"Duo Concertos and Alto Saxophone, Flute and Orchestra"

  • Greg Banaszak, Alto Saxophone
  • Podlasie Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Maestro Piotr Borkowski, Conductor
  • Featuring the premiere recordings of Raman, Morgan, Honegger, Peterson and Łukaszewski

  •   Romances for Saxophone and Orchestra
    CRC #2889 / #2990



    Featuring the works of Hovhaness, Bozza, Raman, Morgan, Villa Lobos, Bruzdowicz and others.

  • Beethoven Academy Orchestra of Krakow
  • Elzbieta Penderecka, Aristic Director
  • Maestro Piotr Borkowski, Conductor
  • Greg Banaszak, Soprano & Alto Saxophones

    "This Concerto For Soprano Saxophone and String Orchestra Opus #344 was the most romantic concerto my husband ever composed. It was written for soprano saxophone, but as it were for my high coloratura voice. Mr. Banaszak, the soprano saxophone soloist, performs this concerto true to the composer's insight — a bird-like singing line played with Banaszak's rich plentiful tone. I am glad, finally, that the premiere recording of this concerto has been made by such a superb musician."
    Alan would have loved it!
    — Hinako Fujihara Hovhaness, January 2007

    "It is a pleasure to have Mr. Banaszak record the first orchestration of Eugene Bozza`s Aria for Alto saxophone and String Orchestra! I wish him great Success!"
    — Monsieur Jean Leduc
    President Alphonse Leduc `Editeurs de Musique
    Leduc Publishing - Paris, France

    "Greg Banaszak is a very talented person who has a wonderful career as a saxophone soloist!"
    — Mr. Vincent J. Abato
    Professor of Saxophone
    Julliard School of Music
    Saxophonist - New York Philharmonic/Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

    "Your playing is quite remarkable and the Hovhaness in particular is quite beautiful. I really enjoyed listening to your performances!"
    Maestro Gerard Schwartz, April 8, 2008
    Music Director — Seattle Symphony Orchestra

    "Greg Banaszak exhibits extraordinary control and dexterity on the saxophone, but above all his skill and sensitivity is always in service of the music and the composer. Beautiful compositions and truly virtuosic performances!"
    — Mr. Gary Keller
    Professor of Saxophone - Miami School of Music
    Member - Miami Saxophone Quartet

    "I really enjoyed your new 2 cd set and your wonderful interpretation of my largo for soprano saxophone and orchestra. Great work and congratulations!"
    — Ms. Joanna Bruzdowicz
    Award winning composer

    "Saxophonist Greg Banaszak has released a critically acclaimed 2-CD set devoted to a diverse collection of saxophone repertoire. "Romances for Saxophone and Orchestra" also features the Beethoven Academy Orchestra of Krakow, Peter Borkowski, conductor, as well as several excellent Polish soloists. This is the first recording of the Beethoven Academy Orchestra to be made available internationally, through the U.S.-based record company Centaur Records Inc. According to Mr. Banaszak, "This CD is a testament to Polish culture and diversity, bringing together Polish musicians, artists, composers, and recording engineers on a collaboration that represents the rich and important contributions of past and present Polish artists," a project that was five years in the making.

    Featured on this recording are two pieces written for film scores by two of Poland's greatest, film composers: Joanna Bruzdowicz and Wojciech Kilar. Joanna Bruzdowicz's Largo for Soprano Saxophone and String Orchestra was written for the film "Jacquot De Nantes" by Agnès Varda, a director with whom Ms. Bruzdowicz collaborates often. The melody carried by the saxophone throughout is at the same time simply beautiful and raggedly eerie. Mr. Banaszak expertly maneuvers through both the flowing lyrical sections as well as those that are more jauntingly dissonant. As it is described in the album's liner notes, "The quasi-minimalistic and haunting undulations of the latter theme bring the piece to an inconclusive end, allowing listeners an opportunity to exercise their imaginations as to a deeper meaning."

    The Vocalise, from Wojciech Kilar's score for the Roman Polanski film The Ninth Gate is a beautifully evocative piece of music, like so many of Kilar's works. Originally sung by soprano Sumi Jo for the film soundtrack, the soprano sax easily takes up this mournful tune for this arrangement and carries it to its fullest emotional potential. Mr. Banaszak and the Beethoven Academy Orchestra create a seamless blend of sound on this track. The addition of the harpsichord, while unusual in such a contemporary orchestral work, is very well placed in this composition, and the part is executed with skill and feeling by soloist Marta Klimczyk.

    Mr. Banaszak, Mr. Borkowski, and the Beethoven Academy Orchestra are to be commended for this collaboration, bringing together Poles and Americans, as well as so many other cultures that are represented by the other composers on the recording, and sharing this music with the world."
    — Ms. Krysta Close
    Polish Music Center
    Thornton School of Music, U.S.C.
    August 2008

    "From the downbeat of the first number it didn`t take long for Banaszak to live up to his reputation; he played with a brilliance and flair that excited the audience!"
    Ronald Bennett
    The Odessa American

  •   "Chambers and Concertos" — Halim El-Dabh


    "Scored for alto saxophone and string orchestra the concerto touches upon egyptian folk sources, dance rhythms and ruminative gestures. The saxophone is a doleful, charismatic hero, especially as played with seamless and penetrating beauty by Greg Banaszak."
    — Don Rosenberg
    The Cleveland Plain Dealer 11/21/07

      Saxophone Concertos

  • Listen: Track 07 and Track 09

  • $16.00 - Centaur Records
    CRC #2400

  • The Polish National Chamber Orchestra
  • Bohdan Jarmolowicz, Conductor
  • Greg Banaszak, Soprano and Alto Saxophones

  •   Double Vision

  • Listen to Track 07

  • $17.95 - Dorn Publications
    Open Loop #018

  • "Your soprano saxophone playing by you on the Double Vision CD on the J.S. Bach Siciliano/Waltz is one of the most beautiful performances I've ever heard on soprano of a song. It is a true work of art.
    —Dave Gibson
    Editor, Saxophone Journal, September 9, 2005

      Frederick Koch

    Suite for alto saxophone and piano

  • $17.95 - Dorn Publications

    Listen to Track 7: "Suite for Alto Saxophone & Piano"

  •   Frederick Koch
    "Images" for flute, alto saxophone and piano

    Listen to Track 12: "Images for flute, alto saxophone and piano (Freely)

      Alexander Glazunov

    "Concerto for Alto Saxophone" and "Orchestra Opus #109"

    Recorded live April 20th, 1999

  • The Katowice State Symphony Orchestra
  • Conductor Ahmed El Saedi
  • Alexander Glazunov Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra

  • $16.00 - Dorn Publications
    Chanson TL 3091